The Evening Melody Journal

The Evening Melody Journal features a stylish navy fabric cover adorned with an elegant gold-embossed design of a bird singing on a branch under the moon and stars. The combination of the deep navy color and the delicate gold detailing perfectly captures the serene and charming essence of a nighttime serenade.

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The Stellar Whale Journal

Enveloped in soothing soft blue tones, this journal features a captivating design of a majestic whale surrounded by twinkling stars and planets. Dive into the galactic sea of organization with The Stellar Whale journal and let your dreams set sail among the stars.

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The Leaf and Twig Journal

Introducing the Leaf & Twig Journal, a charming bullet journal featuring a vibrant green cover adorned with delicate twigs and leaves. This lovely journal is perfect for jotting down your thoughts, organizing tasks, and setting goals in a nature-inspired setting.

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The Pinecone Journal

The Pinecone Journal is a beautifully crafted bullet journal featuring a warm brown color palette and adorned with a charming pinecone design. This unique journal is perfect for organizing your thoughts, tasks, and goals in a nature-inspired journal.

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The Midnight Moon Journal

Introducing the Midnight Moon Journal, a stylish black bullet journal with a beautiful moon design on the cover. This journal is great for jotting down thoughts, planning tasks, and setting goals. Get inspired by its nighttime vibe as you organize your life and express your creativity inside.

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The Strawberry Fields Journal

The Strawberry Fields Journal is a delightful bullet journal adorned in a charming shade of pink, inspired by the sweetness of strawberries. Embrace the joy of organization as you navigate through its pages, featuring a whimsical strawberry design that adds a touch of fruity flair to your planning.

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A Message From Our Founder

Hi! I'm Charlotte and I am so happy you are here!

I always struggled to find a planner that functioned in the many different ways I needed it to. It needed to include ways for me to organize my everyday tasks, school, and sports. This was when I discovered the art of bullet journaling.

With bullet journaling I was finally able to design a planner that is perfect for my own individual needs. One that could change to accommodate specific needs that I had on a week to week basis.

To bullet journal, you don't need to be artistic or creative. You just need the desire to express yourself, stay organized, and embrace a personalized approach to planning that suits your unique style and preferences.

Happy Planning!